Branding Your Channel

Facebook Page Names

Use the full name of your college, department, group or program for Facebook page names. If possible, include the words "Texas State University" or "Texas State." 



Texas State University Undergrad Admissions Facebook Page Header

Twitter, Instagram, And Other Account Handles

Handles are more limited by character count and naming will have some flexibility. If possible, usernames should include the abbreviation “TXST." This brings recognizable affiliation with Texas State to your accounts. 

Note: Using TXST is strongly encouraged but if it isn't available for your program, an alternative option is "TXSTATE" or "TxState," similar to @TxStateAlumni



You can register your new account with University Marketing. If you're creating an entirely new account, follow our step-by-step instructions.

Avatars: How to Identify Your Relationship to TXST

To create a consistent look and feel across Texas State's social media accounts, avatars should be based on the templates we've provided. Use the same avatar on all your accounts.

Departments and programs should avoid using the following logos as avatars unless directly given permission: SuperCat, University Seal, or TXST logo 

Cover Photos

Choose or capture an image that best represents your unit. Make sure it’s in a landscape format and is cropped to the correct dimensions. Sprout Social has an ever-evolving guideline for social media photo sizes.

If you need a little help finding the perfect photo, we have plenty of high-quality images covering everything from student life and athletics to our beautiful campuses and the San Marcos River available for you to use. We also have pre-made cover photos available for download.


Approved Hashtags

Please use approved hashtags. Using the correct hashtags will maximize the reach and effectiveness of your tweet.

Hashtag Purpose
#TXST For general posts regarding Texas State University
#TXST25, #TXST26, etc. For posts intended to engage students of a particular graduating class
#EatEmUpCats For posts regarding athletics or student, faculty, or staff achievements
#TXSTnext For posts regarding admissions or student, faculty, or staff achievements

Note: Always use all-caps #TXST at the beginning of a sentence or before a proper noun. 

Event Hashtags

When creating a hashtag for an event, be sure that it contains a connection to the university that can be used more than once!

Use Don't Use
#TXSTgrad #Graduation
#TXSThomecoming #Homecoming
#TXSTmovein #MoveInDay
#BobcatSoccer #Soccer
#TXSTBobcats #Bobcats


Writing and Style Guide

Review our Writing guidelines for tips about staying true to Texas State’s voice, and check out the Editorial Style Guide when you have specific questions about punctuation, spelling, and other elements of style.